Hello, I am Sergei, independent researcher on historical geography and Siberian studies. I am from Siberia, used to live in Dalmatia (Eastern coast of Adriatic), in its Montenegrin part, and would prefer to stress my Siberian identity. At this web site I am trying to represent my work and some fields of my interests: science, maps, journalism, and analytics. For decade main language of the site was Russian, but I am trying to translate some pages, that might be interesting for an international audience; first of all, publications of early modern European and Russian maps extracted from Russian archives. My other project ‘Historical Atlas of Old Siberia’, that I am also intended to translate, you may find here. The rest of the site is devoted to my old texts on economy, stats and consumer markets of Post Soviet regions. Some of them are in English. Below you may read my CV.

Rasskasov Sergei



Academic experience 2022-2009

From 2017

Independent researcher: cartographical images, historical cartography, historical geography of Siberia.

Main activity: development of the field «analysis of cartographical images and their evolution in historical cartography»; working on reviews, essays and future publications; reports at conferences and seminars (Institute of World History, RAS; Moscow University; RUDN University; Tyumen University), archival work.

  • Two Siberian maps of 18th century, descripting border-lines in Ishim steppe / Seminar of the Department of Special Historical Disciplines of the Institute of World History, RAS, 2019, Moscow.
  • Sibiria, Lukomorye et Tartaria Magna: early modern Dutch atlases in Russian archives and XVIIth century carthographic image of Northwestern Asia / Report at International Conference of Historical Geographers, 2018, Warsaw: Abstracts, p.347.
  • Historical Geographies and Historical Cartographies / ‘Theoretical Geography’ Seminar at Geographic Department of Moscow State University.
  • Urban Development and Industrialization: Siberian Cities Before and After the Age of Railway Capitalism / Workshop ‘Urbanization and Regional Development in Russia and Europe’ at RUDN University, 2018, Moscow: Report abstract.
  • Lucomorye, Sibiria et Tartaria Magna: collection of early modern European atlases in RGADA, cartographic images of Siberia of the 17th century and general problems of analysis of low-reliability cartographic (geographical) information / Seminar of the Department of Special Historical Disciplines of the Institute of World History, RAS, 2017, Moscow: general information on the event (ru).

2014 — 2017

Associate professor and Research fellow at ‘History and Political Science’ Department of Tyumen University, Tyumen, Siberia.

Main activity: current grants, search for new grant opportunities, office work, reporting, business trips and conferences, publication activity; teaching: International security; International organizations (en); European Security; Countering terrorism (de facto historical, cultural and political perspective of terrorism); International conflicts in the 21st century; Scentfic methods in historical research; Economic and political processes in the CIS, Economic History of Western Siberia (en).

  • Mapping Via Verchaturensis: Siberian travel writings, its visualization and early Siberian cartography / Central European Conference of Historical Geographers, Prague, 2016: Abstracts, p. 30.
  • Old Siberia on old maps: a forgotten region, its study and sources / XVI International Conference of Historical Geographers, London, 2015.
  • Atlases of the Flemish-Dutch tradition and the cartographic image of Siberia in the 16th-18th centuries. / V International conference “Historical geography of Russia: retrospective and modernity of complex regional studies”, St. Petersburg, 2015.
  • Grant of Rus. Humanitarian Scientific Fund ‘Outpost of Siberia: Tyumen transport node in travel writings of Modernity (1666-1917): colonial rhetoric, history of texts, historical geography.’
  • Grant of Rus. Fund of Basic Research ‘Historical and geographical atlas of Southwestern (Old) Siberia: from the Middle Ages to the present (XIII–XX centuries).’

2014 — 2015

Associate professor at Earth Sciences Department of Tyumen University, Tyumen, Siberia.

Teaching: Technology of service and tourism; Service markets analysis.


  • The spatial and temporal structure of the New England and Old Siberia regional image / Report at XV International Conference of Historical Geographer, Prague, 2012.

2009 — 2011

Assistant professor at Geography and Geo-Ecology Department of Tyumen University, Tyumen, Siberia.

  • The space of Southwestern Siberia and the New Historical Geography / Seminar of the Institute of Geography, RAS, Moscow, 2010.
  • Twenty geographical images of Tyumen (with Fyodor Korandey) / Seminar of the D.S. Likhachev Institute of Natural and Cultural Heritage. , Moscow, 2010.

2009 — 2010

Assistant professor at Biology and Chemistry Department of Tobolsk Pedagogical Institute, Tobolsk, Siberia.


Senior editor at Great Russian Encyclopedia, Moscow, Russia.

School education 2021-2016

May 2020 — May 2021:

History and Geography teacher in Budva, Dalmatia (Primary and Secondary Education).

From 2019

History and Geography distant teacher at family classes ‘Pryanik’, Moscow region, Russia (Secondary Education).

2019 — 2021

Distant tutor on Geography and Social Science (training of High School students).

2017 — 2018

History and Geography teacher at family club ‘Good School’, Moscow region, Russia (Secondary Education).

2016 — 2018

Tutor on Geography, Social science and Russian History, Moscow region, Russia (training of High School students).

2016 — 2017

Geography and Social science teacher at Lyceum ‘Kovcheg’ (Ark), Moscow region, Russia (High School).

2009 — 2015

Tutor on Geography and Social science, Moscow, Russia and Tyumen, Siberia.

2013 — 2014

Social science teacher at Lyceum ‘Kovcheg’ (Ark), Moscow region, Russia.

2013 — 2014

Geography teacher at ‘Integration 21st century’ school, Moscow, Russia.

Regional Development Analytics and Real Estate Consulting 2011-2004

2010 — 2011

Marketing analyst at GVA Sawyer, Moscow, Russia.


Project manager at «Polylog», Moscow, Russia.

From 2009

Editor at ‘Regional analytics’ web portal, Moscow, Russia.

2007 — 2009

Journalist, deputy Editor at ‘Mall’ magazine, Moscow, Russia.

2006 — 2007

Regional real estate analyst at Knight Frank Russia and CIS, Moscow, Russia.

2004 — 2006

Market researcher, journalist at Commercial Real Estate magazine, Moscow, Russia.

Education 2009-2003

2005 — 2009

Candidate of Sciences (scientific degree in some Post Socialist countries, rough analogue of PhD) in Economic, Social and Political Geography.

Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography, Moscow, Russia.

Thesis (ru): «South-Western (Old) Siberia – an evolution of Society spatial structures, from XV century to the present». Scientific adviser – Vladimir Streletski.

2003 — 2005

Master of Geography

Geography Department of Moscow State Lomonosov University, Moscow, Russia.

Master thesis: «Ethno-political conflicts at Post Soviet States (except Russia): spatial imagination of conflict sides».

  • South-West of the West Siberian Plain: Historical and Economic Analysis of Spatial Structures / Russian-German Conference “Alexander von Humboldt and the Problems of Sustainable Development of the Ural-Siberian Region”. Tyumen, 2004.

School education and public administration 2004-2000

2003 — 2004

Referent (junior bureaucratic staff) at 1st CIS department of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moscow, Russia.

2001 — 2003

Geography teacher at St.Vladimir’s School, Moscow, Russia.

2000 — 2001

Geography teacher at 31st Tyumen High School, Tyumen, Siberia.

Education 2003-1998

1998 — 2003

Bachelor of Geography

Geography Department of Moscow State Lomonosov University, Moscow, Russia.

Main Publications

1. Historical and Geographical Atlas of South-Western Siberia: Experience of Mapping the Tyumen-Verhoturye Road, 1666–1771. Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk. Seriya Geograficheskaya. 2017; (1): 137-146. (In Russ.; Fyodor Korandei as co-author). Official link to the journal, postprint and a page at researchgate.

2. Sheludkov A.V., Rasskazov S.V. Mapping multistructural rural economy: Suburban and peripheral areas of the Tyumen Region // The Russian Peasant Studies. 2017. V.2. №1. pp. 102-114. (In Russ.; Alexander Sheludkov as co-author). Official link to the journal, reseachgate.

3. Review: Voprosy geografii. Vol. 136: Istoricheskaia geografiia / Otv. red. V.M. Kotliakov, V.N. Streletskii: Moscow: Izd. dom «Kodeks», 2013. 528 p. Istoricheskaia geografiia. Vol. 2 / Otv. Red. I.G. Konovalova. Moscow: Akvilon, 2014. 560 p | Siberian Historical Research. 2016. № 4. pp.302-309. (In Russ.). Official link to the journal.

4. Rural Municipalities of the South of the Tyumen Region: Space, Statistics, Governance. Strana Oz, 2016. 184 p (In Russ.; Alexander Sheludkov and Shamil Farakhutdinov as co-authors). Researchgate.

5. Russian Orientalism (Book review: Alexander Etkind Internal Colonization: Russia’s Imperial Experience / Russian Edition: NLO, 2013. 448 p) // Evropa: mezhdunarodnyi almanakh = Europe: Inernational Almanac. XIII/1-2. Tyumen University, 2014. pp. 185-190. (In Russ.). Postprint.

6. The main directions and paradigms of Russian geography. A short guide for historians // Istoricheskaia geografiia. Vol. 2; 2014. pp. 436-467. (In Russ.). Preprint at Academia.edu.

7. How to write the historical geography of Southwestern Siberia. Voprosy geografii. Vol. 136; 2013. pp. 314-338. (In Russ.; Fyodor Korandei as co-author). Preprint at Academia.edu.

8. Book review: GAUDEAMUS IGITUR: coll. of articles dedicated to the 60th anniversary of A.V. Podosinov; 2010. 488 p // Vestnik Tyumenskogo universiteta. № 2. 2011. pp. 184-187. (In Russ.).

9. Historical-Geographical Features of Settlements and Economic Mastering of the South of Western Siberia. Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk. Seriya Geograficheskaya. 2008; (3): 63-73. (In Russ.). Journal copy of the aticle.

10. Southwest of the West Siberian Plain: Historical and Economic Analysis of Spatial Structures. Vestnik Istoricheskoi Geografii. Vol. 3, 2006. pp.182-192. (In Russ.).

11. Traditionalism and regionalism in G.K. Chesterton’s ‘Flying Inn’ // Geografia Iskusstva, 2006. pp.63-89. (In Russ.).

12. Geographic representations of the parties in the process of settling ethno-political conflicts in the CIS // Polis: Politicheskie Issledovaniya. №2 (85), 2005. pp.72-77. (In Russ.). Journal copy of the article.

13. The space of the Tver region in objective indicators, images and travelogues // Communitas – Student’s Almanac. (In Russ.; co-authors: Simon Pavlyuk et al.). The article copy at Higher School of Economics portal.

14. Tyumen region. Geographical sketch // Almanac of the school of a young author. Vol. 2. 2004. pp. 13-24. (In Russ.).

15. Tobolsk in six approximations // Geography: Teacher’s Newspaper. 44/2001. pp. 10-12, 13-24. (In Russ.). Official web site.

16. Hitchhiking: the geography of unknown flows // Geography: Teacher’s Newspaper. 13/1999. (In Russ.).


Αbout four dozen articles in Russian Encyclopedia;

Fifty analytical articles on commercial real estate;

Three dozens analytical reports on regional markets and economies.

Personal skills

  • English: Advanced;
  • Technical skills: mapping in Adobe Illustrator, user of ArcGIS;
  • Expert level: methodology of qualitative historical and geographical mapping, spatial and regional analysis, spatial methods in the humanities;
  • Very experienced in extensive bureaucratic correspondence, familiarity with the specifics of governmental bureaucratic structures;
  • Significant field experience;
  • Coordinating a small group of volunteers (2009-2014).