This web site has a long and difficult story. First, this was independent, nearly partisan analytical portal on Russian commercial real estate and other markets’ infrustructure (you know, there is guerrilla marketing, so there is also guerrilla analytics), predominantly in RF regions, predominantly in Russian.  To do this, we (few people with background in market analytics) wrote research, comments, news, and even made banners, like this:

Despite the fact that our guerilla analytics attracted much more attention than money, and the story with the ‘Regional Russian real estate portal’ basically ended eight years ago, it is still possible to provide a number of services to clients interested in high-quality and adequate information at very competitive prices.

In particular:

  • We can make any market report on the commercial real estate of any local/regional market in any post-Soviet country, as well as professional opinion on potential development sites;
  • We can make any analytical and statistical review for any regional and municipal administration in any post-Soviet country, as well as some efforts on editing and introducing common sense into the Region/Municipality Development Strategy;
  • We can tell how to solve a particular research problem most quickly and efficiently, what kind of analysts and consultants should be involved in it, and what kind should not.

If you need anything from the list above, please call this number: +7 926 870 10 67 (Sergei or Serge).

Second, this web site began to turn into a standalone – a portfolio of one of the key editors, me (or just click ‘About me’). So, as an individual (without my friends and acquaintances in real estate industry), I organize:

  • Individual and small group excursions to Tobolsk, Tyumen and surroundings through the prism of Siberian history and geography;
  • Individual excursions along the Adriatic coast of modern day Montenegro (Dalmatia – Boka, Bar and Ulcinj) as part of the history of the Mediterranean;

– First, you should write or call me to find out in which country I am.
– If you have an academic background, just write to me – if in the near future I will be in one of those places, it would be nice to me to walk together with you. If not, I’ll provide you the contacts of my friends and acquaintances.
-If you are a tourist, so my service costs 1200 Russian rubles / 15 euros per hour. Below is the mail and phone – contact me, we will discuss the details.

This is my e-mail: and this is my number to call: +7 926 870 1067

I also teach school subjects in Russian (geography, history and social science). There is a separate web site dedicated to this.

Third, I decided to convert this portal into an open collection of my scientific texts and translate it into English. Most likely, you now see all three layers – general pages in English, some materials in Russian, texts about real estate, scientific articles and personal advertising. Over time, scientific texts should become the main ones, old materials in Russian should go to a special section, materials from the portfolio will be available mainly via links.